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Mental Clarity
Restful, rejuvenating sleep
A strong immune system
Well-functioning digestion
Sustained energy
Weight Management
Healthy, glowing skin
Strength and endurance, with rapid recovery

Mental Clarity

Restful, rejuvenating sleep

A strong immune system

Well-functioning digestion

Sustained energy

Weight Management

Healthy, glowing skin

Strength and endurance, with rapid recovery

‘I am able to bring a greater amount of passion to my work…’

My son is four years old and has always found it a challenge concentrating on the task at hand, coping with stressful situations and displaying empathy towards others. A few months ago I heard about NZfulvic and its myriad of health benefits, so decided to try including it as a supplement in my son’s diet. In the weeks and months that followed, I noticed small but significant changes in his behaviour.

After being in kindergarten for almost a year, he has finally begun to settle into the kindy environment, no longer requiring me to be there for the duration of the day. He has also started interacting with various children, participating in mat time conversations and has even volunteered for roles in the class plays.

He is coping much better in situations of distress. Previously, it would take at least an hour to recover from anything that he was unable to cope with, nowadays it is within a matter of minutes. For the last two years he was unable to cope with the idea that library books have to eventually be returned! He has now accepted this fact.

Excitingly, he has also begun to show some affection towards others. Although this is still in an aggressive manner, I now receive hugs from him, on his request! These are a small selection of the changes I have observed in my son since he has been taking NZfulvic. While they may seem minor to others, as a mother they are monumental!

- Nicki

When my friend first introduced me to NZfulvic I was skeptical, as there are so many so-called ‘miracle’ remedies on the market today. I have used homeopathic medicine in the past and experienced the ‘high’ felt when the appropriate remedy is working perfectly in-sync with your body. NZfulvic did just that.

Although I have no health issues, my energy levels are greater than normal and I am more alert and quick thinking, yet relaxed at the same time. It is a truly amazing tonic and I have absolutely no problems in recommending NZfulvic to others. Quite by accident I found that if sunlight is shining on a glass full of NZfulvic you are able to see beautiful flakes of golds, purples and greens floating. For those who are into colour therapy and healing, these colours reflect a confirmation of the healing qualities of the supplement.

A big thanks to the NZfulvic team. This product will always be in my cupboard!

- Angela

My job as a personal trainer requires a high level of energy to consistently motivate my clients. I have found that regular supplementation with NZfulvic provides me with boundless amounts of energy that I need to get me through the working day. As a result, I feel that my quality of work is better than ever. I have more mental clarity and am able to bring a greater amount of passion to my work, taking more time to explain things in depth to my clients. Some days, if I am on my way to work and realise I haven’t taken fulvic, I will turn the car around and drive home just to get some!

- Lane

‘My sleep patterns are much more supported and I wake each morning feeling refreshed and energised.’

I have been taking NZfulvic every day for the last three months. While I consider myself a sceptic I have noticed an increase in energy levels, support for my sleep and am also convinced that I have been less run-down this winter. Since supplementing I have read various reports on fulvic and although the jury may still be out on its benefits, given the changes I have experienced so far and the fact that NZfulvic is all natural, I have no doubt that I will continue taking it every day for the rest of my life!

- Paul

I am an urban professional in my mid 40s. Although I would describe myself as being moderately active, balancing family, career and a social life often take priority over my personal health. I started supplementing with NZfulvic a year ago. During the first week I noticed mild detox symptoms such as diarrhoea, however after about 10 days my abdomen felt extremely light and after 20 days I felt like a million bucks. As someone who regularly experienced restless nights in bed, I have noticed that my sleep patterns are much more supported and I wake each morning feeling refreshed and energized. I always find I have enough energy to carry me throughout my busy days. Life is great!

- Seb

‘This product has proved to be more than adequate and appears to help in the absorption of nutrients’

Twelve years ago, while in my early 50s, I suffered from Ulcerative Colitis. At the age of 52 I had an ileostomy, where the major portion of the bowel is removed. It is this part of the bowel that absorbs a lot of the nutrients from foods digested.

I was not given a lot of professional advice as how to overcome this nutrient shortfall and just carried on with life, thankful to be able to function as well as I was. I was found to be gluten-intolerant and was careful to stick to a healthy diet, but still found that I didn’t have the stamina. My wife suggested I try mineral salts and I took 30 drops every morning for several years. This did help to some degree but had the unpleasant side effect of diarrhoea.

About two months ago, I was introduced to NZfulvic. I stopped taking the mineral salts and a daily multivitamin and took 10mls of NZfulvic every morning on an empty stomach. This product has proved to be more than adequate and appears to help in the absorption of nutrients. I highly recommend as a natural enhancer for this purpose.

- Ron

I have found NZfulvic extremely beneficial in supporting my immune system. Since moving to New Zealand 10 years ago I had lived with gradually worsening reactions to seasonal allergens. However, last summer, after regular supplementation, I found I could make it through an entire day without a stuffy nose! My wife even commented on the decreased use of tissues in our house!

Finally, I have noticed that regular supplementation of NZfulvic keeps the dry, flaky skin that I have under my feet truly under control!

- Sen

I was introduced to NZfulvic earlier in the year by a friend. I am usually skeptical of new health products, fad diets and exercise regimes, preferring to be guided by what ‘feels right’ for my body. However, after some research I decided to give NZfulvic a try. I have been taking NZfulvic regularly for the past 6 months and am amazed at how it has impacted my overall immunity. I cannot remember the last time I felt run-down since beginning supplementation, and I have more energy than ever. I generally just feel better in my own skin on a day to day basis. I absolutely love the effect that NZfulvic has had on my wellbeing and intend to continue supplementation as I feel I am receiving such a great return on my investment!

- Emma

Since the start of winter, I have been taking NZfulvic daily with a small glass of apple cider vinegar. While colleagues and family have been plagued with the typical ‘winter-bugs’, I have remained healthy and able to maintain my training schedule through these tough cold months - with even extra energy and stamina than normal! It is hard to credit NZfulvic with any specific result but I can say with certainty that I feel amazing.

- Lisa

I am a young professional who stretches myself a bit thin with my 'work hard, play hard' lifestyle. This regime essentially led me to getting all of the ‘ills and chills’ that came through the office building last winter and autumn. I started taking NZfulvic this past autumn and have been pleasantly surprised at how much more resilient my body is and less run-down I have felt compared to last year, as well as generally. Loving it so far!

- Danyel

‘I can now indulge in food without it being a burden not only on my stomach, but also my mind’

I am an entrepreneur and family man and love being fit and active. Whether it is running, surfing, playing footy with the kids or a session at the gym, I’m always up for anything that gets the heart rate pumping and the endorphins flowing! When I started taking NZfulvic I experienced a notable increase in my energy levels, and improved recovery. I am now able to train hard back to back with great results. As someone who has a relatively short fuse I have also found NZfulvic to be good for my mental calmness.

However, the biggest change that I have noticed since supplementing with NZfulvic has been the remarkable improvement in my digestion. In addition to having more regular bowel movements, I am also more satisfied with food. When I do treat myself with something heavier than normal, I no longer feel it is ‘sitting in my stomach.’ I can now indulge in food without it being a burden on not only my stomach, but also my mind.

- Ryan

When I took NZfulvic for the first time my body underwent an intense detox; let’s just say I had never visited the toilet so much in my life! This probably lasted for a good month. Since this my digestion has improved significantly. My bowel movements are extremely regular and I feel lighter and cleaner.

- Lane

‘If I was still working in retail, I would have no hesitation recommending NZ Fulvic as a daily tonic for everyone’

For the past 30 years I have had a personal and professional interest in good health. As someone who believes in taking full responsibility for my own health and well-being, I am often researching new products and a few months ago I stumbled across fulvic acid, which led me to NZfulvic.

As I keep good health, it is often difficult for me to detect an improvement when trying new products. However, after supplementing with NZfulvic for less than a month I noticed definite changes including clearer thoughts and more hydrated skin. While I generally have good energy levels anyway, I now feel less tired and wake up feeling more alert than normal. I have also noticed that I recover better from work-outs with less of the post-exercise ‘niggles’ that I used to experience!

I worked in the health industry for many years and during this time I witnessed and experienced many wonderful health products with numerous benefits. However, in my opinion, no other product compares to NZfulvic. If I was still working in retail, I would have no hesitation recommending NZfulvic as a daily tonic for everyone. I am confident that ongoing supplementation will only improve my health further, so watch this space!

- Louise

I am a mother of two toddlers and love to run, mostly to get some kid free time but also to help with energy levels. I started taking NZfulvic every morning just over 2 months ago. I had heard that it would help with my immune system as I’d absorb nutrients better but also help with my low energy levels. I first noticed my body doing a bit of a detox and then after the first week I noticed a huge difference in my running endurance and speed if I took it before my morning run. I was amazed at how much harder I could run and how good I felt being able to achieve distances I hadn’t run in a long time. It has now been 2 months and I am feeling better than I ever have. My eyes and skin are so much clearer. I intend to maintain it as part of my diet and have been recommending it to my family and friends. Now, I just need a NZfulvic face cream!

- Storm

I am generally pretty healthy and don’t tend to notice huge benefits when taking supplements. With NZfulvic though I definitely noticed a difference in my energy levels. In addition, I was a lot less tired and more clear headed through my usual mid-afternoon sluggish hours at work

- Julie

I am an 82 (nearly 83!) year old male who has started to experience the various number of complaints that tend to come with age. Throughout my life I have participated heavily in sport and fitness, and have managed to remain active as I have aged, particularly in comparison to my peers in both community and family circles.

I first sampled NZfulvic approximately 18 months ago. Almost immediately I felt that my energy levels accelerated and my stiff joints seemed to benefit. However, it was not until I was unable to get hold of more product that I realized the true benefits that it was providing. During this period of no supplementation my joints stiffened again but I continued my normal tennis, golf, walking and rock’n’roll dance classes as much as I could.

When I was finally able to get hold of NZfulvic again, there was a noticeable benefit for my joint stiffness – confirming to me that the product does really work. Although I have gradually had to give up tennis and rock’n’roll classes, I am still able to walk, cycle and play bowls. And despite 9 holes of golf being a bit too much for me these days, I can still walk to my local golf club, hit about 3 to 4 holes, before sauntering home again!

My doctors are amazed with my activity and what I am able to do and they have suggested that if NZfulvic makes me feel better and improves my quality of life then I should continue taking it as I feel is right.

I can 100% confirm that NZfulvic has given me a better quality of life as I age. As such, I highly recommend more elderly people take NZfulvic to support fantastic health.

- Des

‘Since adding NZfulvic to my diet I have dropped a trouser size and have managed to maintain this new physique.’

A friend told me about NZfulvic and how it had assisted greatly with his weight management and general health. In my (older) age I am skeptical about such new ideas however it seemed so simple so I decided to add it to my daily routine.

Every morning I add NZfulvic to a glass of water or my breakfast smoothie. I can definitely sense it is doing something beneficial as my bowel movements are much more regular, in a good way!

For many years I have consistently eaten well and exercise 6 days a week. However, since adding NZfulvic to my diet I have dropped a trouser size and have managed to maintain this new physique. I continue to look and feel generally healthier whilst supplementing.

I have found that taking NZfulvic is a great way to detox without having to alter one’s lifestyle, particularly if you already have a good balance. NZfulvic is easy to take, tastes fine and has great effects - I highly recommend that people commence adding it to their daily diet!

- Simon

‘After two bottles I began to notice a significant difference in my hands’

I have been hairdressing for the past 18 years. In this industry it is common for hairdressers to experience cracked, dry and flaky skin on their hands. This is a reaction to the constant use of chemicals and water in our job. I have found that the severity of this fluctuates depending on a range of factors including stress levels and environmental conditions. Over the years I have tried a range of treatments in an attempt to improve my skin, however nothing has worked long term.

I was introduced to NZfulvic 12 months ago and have since been drinking 30ml every day. After two bottles I began to notice a significant difference in my hands. My skin has gradually changed from cracked, dry and flaky to smooth and spotty. After 18 years with minimal change, this is a great transformation!

- Helen

‘The improvement in form and recovery is intriguing, given that decline is the norm for any one in their 60s’

I have recently completed the largest and most intense training block that I have probably ever done and am handling it very well. Whilst taking NZfulvic, my recovery has been excellent, thus the big miles and intensity. The improvement in form and recovery is intriguing, given that decline is the norm for any one in their 60's.

The stopwatch does not lie: performances in my chosen sport of mountain biking has me averaging 20-50% faster than the 2nd place-getter in the 60-plus age group in all races contested in New Zealand and Australia since turning 60 three years ago. I currently lead the NZ rankings for the 50-plus age group.

I have no doubt that NZfulvic, when combined with other science-based nutritional strategies and smart training, is assisting my wonderful performance in my ‘old’ age!

- Gary Moller

I own Reform Fitness, two Fitness and Rehabilitation Studios located in Tauranga and Auckland. Our clients have a strong interest in their personal health and are often on the lookout for new ways to train harder and longer, improve their recovery and sustain their fitness levels. While a great number of gym-goers choose to include supplementation as part of their training regime, many of our clients at RF do not take anything. Those to whom we have recommended NZfulvic and who supplement on a regular basis, have found that it has been highly beneficial in enhancing their performance and recovery, with a number noting that they feel more energetic than ever before.

- Lane

I am a full-time professional and avid runner for whom muscle stiffness has always been a daily annoyance. However, after taking NZfulvic regularly this has dramatically reduced. I have found that I am now able to train harder, and recover sooner. As someone who is constantly on the go, travelling a lot for both work and play, NZfulvic has become a permanent addition to my suitcase!

- Cass