Loving your body from the inside out

Fulvic has been associated with a rich array of health benefits. Check out a selection of these below.

Antioxidant and Detoxifier - Reduces cellular damage by neutralizing free radicals, and binding to and clearing heavy metals and toxins from the body.

Anti-wrinkle - Provides natural anti-wrinkle action, by helping to prevent collagen degradation.

Bioavailability - Significantly increases the bioavailability of minerals and nutrients delivered to your cells.

Blood Oxygenation - Enhances the supply of oxygen to organs and muscle tissues by supporting the oxygenation of blood.

Brain Function - Supports healthy brain function, mental alertness and a calm state of mind.

Electrolyte - A poly-electrolyte that supplies cells with a super charged electrical current – awakening and energizing the cell.

Immunity - Supports the body’s immune system and the response to allergens.